Our mobile food cart goal is to serve the community a healthier take out option that is focused on local farmers and their products.
Through our menus, newsletters, and information kiosk you will find information regarding the farms and the farm products that are available in our area and throughout Maine.
Building a vibrant community—We believe that supporting local farms and eating local foods is a venue to create a healthier and economically vibrant community .

No View Farm & Bakery is a diversified vegetable farm and bakery located in the River Valley on the South Rumford Rd in Rumford, Maine


Gone Loco! Local Foods Project


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  1. [...] Gone Loco! Mexican Food at No View Farm: Chef Annette Roy Marin created the desserts for Top of the Crop, and listening to her talk about her organic farm, need for a new raw butter source, A-frame house that she turned into a restaurant and love of mace in oatmeal cookies sold us. Next time we’re in Maine, we’d love to find a way to visit Rumford. [...]

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